ANGRAU/ Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University NOTES

Acharya N. G. Ranga Agriculture University 
Andhra Pradesh 

Notes developed by ANGRAU and Uploaded by study3000

B.Sc.(Ag.) Notes

B.Sc.(Ag.) Hons. Notes
Agriculture English Notes

1. AGRO-101
file size: 3.09 MB

2. AGRO-102
file size: 10.69 MB

3. AGRO-201
file size:14.01 MB

4. AGRO-202
file size:4.72 MB

5. AGRO-203
file size:504 KB

6. AGRO-301
file size:3.15 MB

7. AGRO-302
file size:293 KB

8. AGRO-303
file size:3.96 MB

Agricultural Extensions

1. AEXT-191
file size:469 KB

2. AEXT- 291
file size:266 KB

3. AEXT-292
file size:1.29 MB

4. AEXT-391
file size:316 KB


1. HORT-181
file size:2.17 MB

2. HORT-281
file size:882 KB

3. HORT-282
file size:887 KB

4. HORT-382
file size:3.30 MB


1. AECO-141
file size:1.00 MB

2. AECO-142
file size:1.06 MB

3. AECO-241
file size:282 KB

4. AECO-341
file size:1.02 MB

5. AECO-342
file size:933 KB

Agricultural Engineering

1. AENG-151
file size:2.93 MB

2. AENG-251
file size:3.03 MB

3. AENG-252
file size:2.98 MB

4. AENG-351
file size:2.05 MB


1. ENTO-131
file size:3.48 M

2. ENTO-231
file size:761 KB

3. ENTO-331
file size:497 KB

4. ENTO-333
file size:716 KB

Plant Pathology

1. PATH-171
file size:4.43 MB

2. PATH-271
file size:1.07 MB

3. PATH-371
file size:2.76 MB

4. PATH-372
file size:2.23 MB

5. Kharif Season Disease of Field and Horticultural Crops
Rearranged By
file size:

file size:3 MB


1. AMBE-201
file size:1.64 MB

Agricultural Statistics

1. STAC-101
file size:1.10 MB

2. STAC-301
Introduction to Computer Application
files size:1.03 MB

Genetics, Plant Breeding,
Biotechnology & Seed Technology

1. GPBR-111
file size:973 KB

2. GPBR-211
file size:824 KB

3. GPBR-212
file size:357 KB

4. GPBR-311
file size:399 KB

5. GPBR-312
file size:754 KB

Soil Science

1. SSAC-121
file size:950 KB

2. SSAC-221
file size:3.81 MB

3. SSAC-321
file size:9.49 MB

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Ng ranga notes 
Ng ranga notes download
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Agriculture English notes download
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Ng ranga university notes

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