4th sem hindi notes

B.Sc.Ag. Hindi notes
B.Sc.Agriculture Hindi notes 
B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Hindi notes

4th sem Hindi notes 

4th semester Hindi notes 

2nd-year 2nd semester Hindi notes

2nd year 2nd sem

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AGRO 5221     
Crop Production Technology -ll (Rabi Crops) 
1  Agro 52221 hindi rabi crop,   

2Agro 5221 rabi hand written,

3  Agro 5221 rabi hindi,

8. rabi crops 

AHFL 5221                       
Production Technology for Ornamentals Crops, Map and Landscaping
 1  Ahfl 5221by pinku,    

2    Ahfl 5221 flori,  

3  Ahfl 5221 notes 2yr 2sem,  

4  Ahfl 5221 rose hindi  

5  Ahfl 5221 (1),  

Ahfl landscape notes

Ahfl5221 Rupesh

8  floriculture pdf,  

9  floriculture,  

10  ornamental crops,  

11  ornamental hindi 2,2,

12 ornamental note (AN),  

13 principle of landscaping,  

14 protected cultivation flower 

AENGG 5221    
Renewable Energy and Green Techonology              
A AENGG notes 2,2 sem,  

AAA Aengg notes 2,2sem 

3  Aengg 5221 by AD,

Aengg 5221 hindi note,  

5  AENGG note 2,2sem (3),

6  AENGG note 2,2sem (1),

AENGG note in hindi (AN)


9  Engeeniring raju 

ASOIL 5221          
Problematics Soil and Their Management          
1  Asoil science

Asoil 2yr 2sem hindi

asoil 5221 Eng

Asoil 5221 management,

Asoil 5221 notes (1),  

Asoil-5221 note Rmd

Asoil DD ,  

8  B soil 5221 notes,

D Soil 2yr 2sem,  

10  E soil science 2,2 sem,

11 problematic soil & their management H  

12 Soil 2yr 2 sem (3),  

13 soil 2yr2sem,

14  soil science 2yr (4)

15  Soil science 2yr (5)

AHFR 5221
Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
1  AK AHFR 5221 new,   

2  Ahfr 5221 hindi,  

Ahfr 5221,  

8  ICT mango

10 SD AHFR 5221,             

11.ornamental crop, map, landscaping by manish kumar

AGRO 5222             
Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture        
1  F& S alok short,  

2  Agro-5222 MK,  

F&S agri hindi book

Farming hindi 2,2sem

Farming hindi notes (2),  

farming system 2nd year,  

Farming system Agro 5222,

farming system,  

land water problem  

10  FS&SA,  

11  sustainable land prob H

12  Vipin FS&SA

AEC 5221      
Agricultural Marketing and Trade Prices                  
Aec 5221 AD,  

2  Aec 5221 hindi,  

3  Aec 5221 short

Agricultural marketing book,    

marketing by akash sharma,   

marketing notes2,2   

ASTAT 5221    
Elementary Statistics and Computer Application                 

  • Thakur Nk Statistics Pdf's

ABM 5221                         
Agri-Business Management
Abm 5221 agri value chain,  

Abm 5221 hindi,  

3  Abm 5221 short note,

ABM Rupeshwar

ABM__ ,  

6  Abm 5221 DD,  

Pest analysis  


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