3rd sem hindi notes

B.Sc.Ag. Hindi notes
B.Sc.Agriculture Hindi notes 
B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Hindi notes

3rd sem Hindi notes 

3rd semester Hindi notes

2nd-year 1st semester Hindi notes

2nd year 1st sem

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AGRO 5211          
Crop Production technology -1(Kharif Crop)
1. Agro + horti chart

2. Agro-5211 short notes

3. agronomy sec I

4. Bkci kharif crop
5. english kharif crop

6. Field crops

7. name of kharif crops

8.principle of agro 5221

APB 5211         
Fundamental of Plant Breeding      
1. Apb 5211 hp notes

2. center of origin

short note PB

4. plant breeding notes

AEC 5211  
Agricultural Finance and Cooperation
1. Aec-5211 part1

2. aeco3rdsem

3. agricultural finance

4. economics finance hindi B
ASTAT 5211         
Agri-Informatics (Computer Application)
1. Astat 5211 mobile app

2. Astat-5211 by AD

3. Astat5211 bedram

4.Computer 55                                          

5. Computer hindi book

6. computer sec I

7. computer system

8. assign Astat

AENGG 5211            
Farm Machinery and Power


3. Engg hindi


AHVG 5211               
Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices
1. Agro =horti chart

2. Ahort 5211 notes

3. Ahvg crops 5211

4. Ahvg rajwade 5211,
AFOR 5211         
Environmental Studies and Disaster Management


AVET 5211        
Live Stock and Poultry Management      
1. Objective HDS

2. Adhunik pashu palan 

3. Animal husbandry sec I,

4.Avet 5211 notes,        
5. Avet3rd sem

6. NBPGR buffalo breed

7. Livestock, 8.Liver fluke in cattel

AENG 5211            
Comprehension and Communication Skill in English
1. aeng class vik

2. Communication english note 1

3. TNAU communication developing ,

4. eng que 5211

ABT 5211              
Food Safety and Standards
1. Abt note food contaminants

2. ABT 5211 food safety 2nd yr

3. control parameters,
8. fss act hindi

9. Abt 5211 hindi notes

  FSSAI official PDFs
                           Hindi  :-  
 1. Draft basic clean street food manual hindi,

 2. Level 1 hindi    

                           English :- 
1. Dark book 3_5_2018,    

2. Draft advanced manufacturing manual 8_11_2017,


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