5th sem hindi notes

B.Sc.Ag. Hindi notes
B.Sc.Agriculture Hindi notes 
B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Hindi notes

5th sem Hindi notes 

5th semester Hindi notes

3rd-year 1st semester Hindi notes

3rd year 1st sem

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AENT 5311       
Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management
1  Aent 5311 hindi,  

2  Aent 5311 Ipm hindi

3. ppath hindi idm and ipm

ASOIL 5311      
Manures, Fertilizers and  Soil Fertility Management      
1. Soil by RD       

AENT 5312           
Pest of Crops and Stored grain and their Management           
1  Aent 5312 chart,  

2  AENT -321 insect pest list,  

3  AENT-converted-2

APP 5311   
Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and Their Management -l                     
1  APP by pinku,  

2  App diseases horti field kharif(1),   

3  APP-211 (chart)

APB 5311                  
Crop Improvement -l (Kharif Crops)
APB 5311by RD,  

APB 5311 kharif crop        

3. Breeding of field and horticulture crops

4. Gpb hindi

5. Gpb kharif imp

6. Gpb hindi

AEXT 5311     
Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management                   

2  Aext 5311 hindi,  

3  Aext by RD 3yr  

4  AEXT by RD 2 

AGRO 5311          
Practical Crop Production          

APB 5312              
Intellectual Property Rights             
1   APB-5312 notes

2. Ipr hindi

3. Ipr hindi book

AHFL 5311      
1   Ahfl 5311 hindi,  

2  Ahfl 5311 notes2

Ahfl 5311

AMET 5311        
Introductory Agrometeorology and climate change                
1  AMET 5311 Intro agro metro,  

2  meterology 3yr 2 sem addition,  

metrology Topic4 in hindi

4 agron hindi

5. Solar radiation

6. Agro met


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